The Perks of Digital Magazines

When it comes to digital reading, some people do not realize the wide array of options that digital editions bring to their readers that print versions could never do. With digital versions of magazines, publishers have the ability to make their content come alive. eMagazines can help publishers do just this, through multiple different options.

The first option is included in all our digital magazines: animated page flips. Each time a reader turns the page or jumps to a specific page, the pages of the digital magazine will appear to turn in the exact way that print magazines turn. Through this, digital magazines allow the comforting familiarities of print magazines to continue in the digital experience.

While there are good aspects of print magazines to keep in the digital versions, there are aspects that we do away with to make the digital experience better than the print. Why keep problems around if we can fix them? In our digital magazines, readers do not have to spend time flipping each page to find the article they are looking for. Instead, they can locate the page number in the table of contents, type the number in the page box, and jump right to the article and start reading.

eMagazines’ digital magazines are also able to include quick access to extended information for readers. This includes the ability to highlight words so that they can be clicked on to bring readers to a related link. This allows even more information and interactivity for readers than ever possible with print magazines.

A good example of this is a recent Diabetes Self-Management issue. In the July 2017 issue, the publisher added links to informative websites in their articles, allowing easy access to even more helpful information for their readers. With just one click, readers can jump to a definition of a word or diabetes-related term if they are unsure of its meaning. This can make a big impact on the reader’s life, especially in this case, since readers are often using this magazine to help them manage their disease in the best way possible.

Lastly, publishers can offer the option of interactive ads to their advertisers. Like the clickable terms mentioned above, advertisers can make their ads interactive and clickable, as well. Look out for our full upcoming post on the benefits of interactive ads in digital magazines.

Publishers and readers alike benefit from digital versions of magazines, making a partnership with eMagazines an obvious next step when considering how to continue providing the best reading experience possible!